Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vicky`s Numb3rs Activity 1

In the movie, Numb3rs, Charlie was used to help find the murderer. He said that the murderer is choosing different victims and is trying not to make a pattern so that the murderer won`t get caught. But even though the murderer tries to do that, it doesn`t work. Charlie helped prove it by telling the FBIs to arrange themselves randomly. He came up with an equation using trigonometry to find out where the murderer lives, but soon found out that they couldn`t find him there. So he created two hot spot and looked up people from both locations. They narrowed it down to 8 people and caught the murderer for his past reputation.

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Kinden said...

yes this is the one. it explains the movie and discussed what happened while at the same time related to math.