Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vicky`s Blog 8

In this blog, we are supposed to pick a country and talk about their history development in math. China was the country who proved that the Pythagorean theorem or the right-angle triangle theory was true. The theory stated that if you add the squares of the legs of the right angle, it is equal to the squares of the hypotenuse (the longest leg). A mathematician name Chou Pei proved it using the picture on the left known as chi-chu. It means the piliing up of squares. China used it as a way to solve algebraic equations using geometry. The picture on the right is a diagram by Zhou Bi. There are four 3 by 4 rectangles around a 1 by 1 square. The four triangles make a tilted square. This was also used to solve the pythagorean theorem.


Khanh said...

This math seems to bevery complex.

edward said...

nice dudette its very complex but not thaT HARD UNDER STAND XD ;/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!