Friday, July 20, 2007

darynell's fibonacci

Todays post is about the fibonacci number and the golden ratio.The fibonacci numbers are a sequence where the first 2 terms are 1.N is generally used to represent the number of a term and F(n) is used to represent the value of term.The variable n is interchangable with any other variable.The ancient greeks created a proportion(2equivalent ratios) which is now used to find the quadratic equation that is used two find the golden ratio.When finding the golden ratio you must solve the proportion which wll then give you a quadratic equation.then you use the quadratic formula and wala!!!!!,YOU HAVE JUST FOUND THE VALUE OF THE GOLDEN RATIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now for some examples:the pinecone is a great example of the fibonacci sequence.It starts out with 1 a the top and then it increases to 2 then to 5,8,13 etc.
The next example is the mona lisa chose the because the golden rectangle was used to perfect her face which mean he used the fibonacci sequence.

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