Monday, July 16, 2007

Darynell's tetrahedron

today post is about a magical tetrehedron.It has 4 faces isn't that is one of 5 special polyhedrons.
This is because of its 4 regular triangle faces.On each of these faces all 4 of the points of concurrency are the same which you can see in my picture below.these points of concurrency are called,centroid,orthocenter,incenter and the circumcenter The faces are also equilateral making it equiangular.In tetrahedron the prefix tetra means 4.In the picture you will be able to see the a smaller version of the tetahedron.The vertex of the smaller tetrahedronon each face is the point of concurrency.The smaller tetrahedron is also known as the inverse of the outer tetrahedron.

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