Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jenea's Fruity Paragraph About Numb3rs

This is a paragraph about the show/episode my whole class watched on July 16, 2007 called Numb3rs. The show called Numb3rs is about a man named Rob Morrow, who works for the police in the investigation department as an FBI Agent. He's trying to find out who the L.A rapist is, the person who's been commiting crimes in Los Angeles. Rob Morrow has trouble on finding out where the perpetraitor's home is or where he works, even by using the computer he still can't construct a a motive or alliby. His gifted brother, Charlie Morrow helps him and the Bureau on finding out where the suspect is by using "Numb3rs" to find out the point of origin where the hot spots are or where the rapist is hiding at. Charlie used the map to find the area where the victims were raped and killed. By using the map grid he made calculations to make probablilities that formed a triangle shape, then he made a perpendicular bisector of the triangular shape to find where the suspect might be, by finding the circumcenter of the triangular shape. Charlie pin-pointed where the perpetraitor lived, but he never thought of where the perpetraitor might work untill his older brother Rob gave him the idea. So Charlie found a second point of origin or hot spot where the suspect worked.

-Jenea Bilateral =]

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