Monday, July 16, 2007

Jenea's One Fruity Colored Tetrahedron

This is a picture of my groups tetrahedron. I worked with my friends Alex, Victoria, and Khanh on making this polyhedron. The materials we used to make our tetrahedron, were yarn (green), straws (clear), and a regular needle. The tetrahedron we made makes a "Regualr" or "Equilateral/Equilangular" triangle. The tetrahedron we made looks as if there are equilateral 3D triangles in more 3D equilangular triangles. In the regular triangle you can see the circumcenter, the incenter, the orthocenter, and the centroid in the figure. If you see it in the inverse position then you can see the exact same thing. I seems as if it has rotational symmetry in it.

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