Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jenny's Numb3rs

The movie called Numb3r is about a mathematician name Charlie, the murder man, and the polices. There was a person who had murdered a lot people near his house. However, he moved so they had a hard time to figure he was the killer. Charlie, the mathematician who had tries many way to track him down and he also used many kind of geometry to help him figure out who might be the murder. He used the circumcenter to figure out that they victims was near his house. He was so smart that he used the perpendicular to figure out the circumcenter. The point of origin was where he lived, also the victim was make into a triangle. He also construct a map to tells him where the killer might be located. They also used computer to figure out each guy germs that might be involved in the murder crime. Eventually, they started to do the second steps which find the place where they lived, but the murder move so then they can't track them down. When they keeps on looking, they finally find the murder's workplace. Then he went in, he found maybe evidence that he was a murder killer. The murder figured out that they know that he was the murder, so he decided to run away. Finally they figure out the murder. YAY!!! HE GOT CAUGHT!!!!


Jimmy said...

The movie sounds educational.

Tommy said...

sounds interesting