Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Num3ers by susan

As you know this movie is called Num3ers and that this movie is about the F.B.I looking for a L.A. serial rape killer, who has killed many womens. So the F.B.I ask a mathmatician named Charlie. They asked him to track down the killer's home by using the patterns of the killer's killing and where the location that the killing of the ladies occured. So when the mathmatician using math to track down the location of the killer's home, he used some what geometry and other math courses that i don't know what is the name and for that he used a circle and inside the circle was where the victims were killed and that the victims became the vertices or points of a something that forms a similiar oval or circle and that the killer's house became the point of origin and also the circumcenter and when Charlie made the circumcenter from the location where the victims were killed. It closed down to a triangle between 3 victims that are very near the killer's home. So then, Charlie used the perpendicular bisectors from the victims place and the midpoints from victims to victims and also when they find out the home place he wasn't there and so the F.B.I. thought Charlie had an error in his calculations in finding the killer's home. But then, they founded new informations and so they give this information to Charlie and he starts over and found where it is. But he had to construct it on the map of the town and so he used his computer since it made the job better and printed on the map and told the F.B.I. his new calculations and the F.B.I. found it before it was too late for another victim to be dead. So then the killer was killed. So this is how the killer was found somewhat like this.

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Vicky Astrid said...

That`s really cool !!
Susan is coool.