Saturday, July 21, 2007

Centroid Triangle by Susan

Above you see two pictures of the same triangle. So to begin with, the triangle was made on July 20, 2007 by Jenny T. and Susan L.. To make this triangle we had to first we had to draw is on the patty paper. But draw a large one that can Be fit on the cardboard. When finished on the patty paper, we traced or pierced the points of the vertices and midpoints onto the cardboard and connected them to make a triangle with medians that would be the line that was connected by the midpoint and the opposite vertex. We did this 3 times, after that you would see that there is a spot or point that all the medians intersect and that point would be called the centroid so its also the center of gravity or mass for on first picture you see that we balanced on a pencil. If you want to make sure that the centroid is the center of gravity or mass you can balance it on a pencil like the first picture that shows it or measure the lines that are on the triangle that is split by the centroid point. After the measurements. You then, Make a fraction out of them like of the two lines that are split by the centroid it becomes S1 over L1 since S equals to the short line and the L equals to the long line of the median so you do it, also to the other medians and you will find that they all equal to one half but in different numbers. IT'S EASY TO MAKE A CENTROID TRIANGLE!!

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muting said...

i like your group centroid, it is so colorful. it is so nice, I like that^.^