Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Khanh's Numb3rs Activity

Charlie was helping his brother figure out a crime scene using math in the video, he is trying to construct the probability of the hot spot of the suspect and he found the point of orgin which can also be the circumcenter of the suspect home on the hot spot later on using the places victims were being rape and the murder. The point on the grid create a triangle and he perpendicular bisector the triangle and it made a big hot spot for it then the result was not really accurate because the suspect is living there but not in that location at time. The criminal didn't want to make a pattern so it's next victim but there was in a way because the grid Charlie made show the chance and accuracy and because of one location was wrong the criminal gor to his nexst victim. Charlie made another equation from the new information he got agian andthis time it was the correct data he need and he figured out another hot spot for the place the criminal can be working. Two hot spot narrow down the path of the suspect and give a better result. His brother Rob Morrow then use the computer to analyze the suspect around the hot spot and he found one that is around there and he went to check and the criminal was really there.

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Jenea Bilateral said...

Your so very iliterate Khanh.