Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jenny's Tetrahedron

This is the picture of our group tetrahedron that we made on July 13. My group members are Muting and Susan. We have a great time working together. Our tetrahedron have all equilaterall triangles and I also see two other triangles in the inside the outside of the triangles. We used straws, needles, and three different color yarns to make our tetrahedron. We started with a regular triangle to make into a polyhedron which have 3 Dimensional. To make another triangle outside of the regular triangle you need to connect the incenter of the triangle. When you about to be finish, the regular triangle going to be in the centroid of the outside triangle. While you're going to the next triangle, then when you finish making the tetrohedron, you will also see a circumcenter inside because they have equal and same shape but different sizes. When you keep on making it to connect the triangles, you also connect it to the orthocenter. To concurrent the tetrahedron, you needs to connects to each straws to make the triangle which could be a good looking shape. You also are doing inverse so all the corners and triangle will meet at the same points. TETRAHEDRON IS REALLY EASY TO MAKE IT.

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